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What is L-Leucine?

L-Leucine is an essential amino acid, which means that, due to the fact that it is essential, the body needs it, but cannot synthesize it by itself, meaning it has to come from a dietary source, which in this instance, is a supplement. Studies have found that Leucine helps to trigger protein synthesis, making it essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissues. Leucine however, also helps the muscles to generate more energy, which means that they work harder than usual, and you will therefore be able to get more muscle built and have a more productive workout in the gym. Leucine is actually one of three Branch Chain Amino Acids, or BCAAs, for short, and is vital for protein synthesis, making it a very beneficial post-workout supplement.

How does it work?

Leucine works by activating a primary muscle building anabolic pathway known as mTOR, which functions almost like a sensor for amino acids, within muscle cells. mTOR is very sensitive to leucine, and as a result, if leucine levels are low, this forces the mTOR to signal to the cells and tell them that not enough leucine is present to allow the body to synthesize new proteins. Put simply, low leucine levels result in less protein synthesis taking place, so less muscle can be built.

What are the main benefits of Leucine?

Some of the main benefits associated with Leucine supplementation, include the following:

Increased muscle mass

As mentioned previously, Leucine helps to stimulate protein synthesis, making it an extremely anabolic supplement. The higher the rate of protein synthesis, the more muscle proteins the body will be able to synthesize, meaning the more muscle you will be able to build.

Increased energy production

As well as helping to stimulate protein synthesis, Leucine has also been found to help increase natural energy levels within a person, making it ideal for individuals looking to stay active and get the most out of their workouts. The more energy they have, they more productive their workouts will become, making it a win-win.

Fat loss

On top of the aforementioned benefits, experts have also found that Leucine can help to boost a person’s metabolism and can therefore help them to burn off more calories and lose weight. This increase in energy means that not only are you burning more calories and converting them into energy, but the extra energy is also allowing you to push yourself harder than usual, meaning that you will burn even more calories.

Other benefits include:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased strength and power
  • Increased energy levels and endurance
  • Increased rates of weight loss
  • Improved post-workout recovery
  • Reduced LDL cholesterol levels
  • Reduced blood pressure levels
  • Improved immune system function
  • And more...

How and when should it be consumed?

Leucine is best consumed twice per day, and should ideally be separated into two separate 3g dosages, so 6g in total each day. Simply mix the powder with water or fruit juice, give a good mix, and consume. A lot of individuals will include leucine as part of their post-workout shake, due to the fact that it plays such a vital role in protein synthesis, making it the perfect post-workout recovery supplement. Your second dosage will really depend on when you exercised initially, though most people will consume leucine first thing in the morning.

Health Canada Recommended Dose (powder): Adults: 1 Scoop(s) 1 time(s) per day. Mix product well in 1-2 cups of liquid (water, juice, etc.) immediately before consumption. Store in a cool, dry place.

Leucine VS BCAAs

Leucine is one of three BCAAs, the other two being: Valine, and Isoleucine, and so for that reason, you may simply wonder why people don’t just consume BCAA supplements instead of leucine by itself. Well, the main reason for this is that the concentrations of leucine in BCAA supplements, are obviously dulled down because of the other two amino acids, so the effects of leucine will be less pronounced.

What can you stack it with?

As leucine provides such amazing anabolic benefits in terms of muscle growth and repair, naturally, a great deal of bodybuilders often include leucine as part of their muscle-building supplement stacks. It stacks extremely well with supplements including: Creatine Monohydrate, whey protein, L-Glutamine, and Dextrose. Some people will also include it with BCAAs, providing they sip on their BCAAs during their workouts. Combining BCAAs and leucine together at the same time, will basically be a waste of leucine.

L-Leucine Ingredients

Per Scoop

Medicinal Ingredients (per scoop): L-Leucine .......................... 1.5 Grams
Non-Medicinal Ingredients: none.

Potential side effects

Like all supplements, always make sure you speak to your doctor and let them know if you plan on taking any new supplements. As not enough is known about the safety of leucine supplements, pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use leucine. Leucine is generally considered a very safe and natural supplement, although some users have reported very mild side effects, including the following:

  • Mild B vitamin deficiencies
  • Increased insulin secretions
  • Slight headache
  • Slight nausea and stomach discomfort

Cautions and Warnings

Ensure to drink enough fluid before, during, and after exercise. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a healthcare practitioner before using this product.

L-Leucine Reviews

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Verified Buyer

Don't think twice on these products!!
Edgar B. on 21/03/2017
Northwest Territories
I'm leaving this same generic comment on the few supplements I bought. I made my own pre workout blend with the raw ingredients from this site. I now have properly dosed pre and post workout shakes, with no filler. This product mixes very well. I will definitely buy this again. I continuously rant and rave to my friends, family and fellow gym goers about this company. Some of them listened!!

Verified Buyer

eddie p. on 29/12/2016
Great price for leucine

Verified Buyer

Iiiiiiiiit's a pound of leucine!
Shawn M. on 16/12/2016
I dump this into whey so that smaller scoops still stand a good chance of helping rebuild muscle.

Verified Buyer

Alex C. on 20/11/2016
Abbotsford, BC
Hard to tell if it does anything or not, but the science says it should. Mixability is a little weird, it llikes to float on top and not dissolve, but if you stir it enough it blends together fine. I haven't used other brands so I can't compare to others.

Verified Buyer

Nick on 20/07/2013
Good quality stuff, at a good price,shipped in a good package. pretty much all you could ask for

Verified Buyer

Good price, not horrible.
Matt on 17/04/2013
I don't find it tastes that bad, mixed with coffee I don't notice it. Definitely buy again.

Verified Buyer

Mixes Well
Kevin on 30/09/2012
Doesn't taste any worse than any other brand. They all taste horrible, but that's just the nature of the beast. Need the top BCAA right?

Verified Buyer

Best price ever
Eric on 07/06/2012
St-Hubert QC
You just cant find leucine at that price anywhere...

Verified Buyer

Ideal for Intermittent Fasting Days
Mitchell on 07/11/2011
For the days that I skip breakfast (IF), this is a great supplement to take that will not break my fast but provides enough amino acids to last me to lunch. I don't believe it is necessary for your protein shake because whey protein is already load with leucine.


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