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What is Natural Raw Peanut butter?

As the name implies, natural raw peanut butter is peanut butter that is in its, well, natural raw form, free from artificial ingredients. It's texture is not quite smooth yet not quite crunchy. It is made from natural peanuts, with no additives used, no chemical flavourings or preservatives added, and nothing being taken away neither. Simply put, natural peanut butter harnesses the natural goodness of natural, fresh, and organic peanuts, without any nastiness being added, as is the case with generic store bought brands you see on the high street.

What are some of the benefits of Natural Peanut Butter?

Natural peanut butter possesses a vast number of benefits, both from a healthy standpoint, and a pleasurable standpoint too, with some of the more prominent examples including:

Being a great source of protein

Peanuts are a fantastic source of protein and amino acids, making them great choices for vegetarians, vegans, and people who simply wish to consume protein that isn’t in the form of meat or seafood. Protein is vital for cellular growth and reproduction, and for the growth and repair of muscle tissue, which is why natural peanut butter is a firm favourite amongst athletes, bodybuilders, sportsmen and women, and people that simply wish to nourish their muscles and their bodies.

Rich in healthy fats and oils

In order to benefit from optimal health, we need to ensure that we consume enough healthy fat on a daily basis. Natural peanut butter is a great source of healthy fats and oils, including omega 3 fatty acids, which benefit the body in dozens upon dozens of different ways, including aiding in fat loss by boosting the metabolism.

Rich in vitamins and minerals

Another key benefit of this product is that it is rich in vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E, amongst others.

Free from additives

The peanut butter you see in stores is very different to natural peanut butter, as the store bough versions are pumped full of chemical flavourings, additives, and preservatives including palm oil, sugar, extra salt, and various E numbers. Natural peanut butter is simply natural peanuts that have been roasted, and ground to a fantastic texture. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why is it so good for you?

As you can see above, there are numerous health advantages associated with natural peanut butter, and the main reason why it’s so good for you is because it is so much healthier than generic store bought version you see in large supermarkets etc. There is nothing chemically added or taken away, it is basically roasted and ground peanuts which nourish the body and provide numerous benefits, such as those listed above. It tastes fantastic as well.

How can it be used?

There are so many ways of using this product that it would take us all day to list them all, so here are some popular methods: Some people add a scoop or two to their protein shakes or breakfast smoothies to boost the protein count, the taste, the texture, and the nutrient content too. You can also add a spoon or two to a number of different dishes you can cook at home, you can spread it on toast or bagels, you can make healthy flapjacks and protein bars, or you can simply eat it right out of the tub.

Natural Raw Peanut Butter Reviews

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Verified Buyer

Ryan M. on 04/05/2017
Probably some of the best natural PB out there. Would really like it if they had more in stock.

Verified Buyer

nick r. on 30/04/2017

Verified Buyer

Good Peanut Butter
Julia K. on 27/02/2017
We liked it

Verified Buyer

Wahab K. on 17/02/2017
It's got an amazing natural taste.

Verified Buyer

Hyder H. on 15/02/2017
Unreal and super fresh

Verified Buyer

Fahd S. on 25/01/2017

Verified Buyer

Decent Natural peanut butter
Jason B. on 25/01/2017
New Brunswick
Good taste, the consistency of it is a little bit thin but all in all it seems good
Answer: Hi Jason, thank you for the review of the Natural Peanut Butter. This product is actually made raw from organic peanuts without nothing added which is the reason you may find it a bit more thin than usual.

Verified Buyer

Siawash A. on 16/01/2017
Hamilton, ON
I had mixed feelings when buying it, but after trying it and mixing it with a little bit of honey I was in love. Great product, will recommend.

Verified Buyer

Mike G. on 06/01/2017
So delicious. Not too oily. Not too salty like so many.

Verified Buyer

Peanut butter
Tammy B. on 08/09/2016
Welland, Ontario
Love it for smoothies!! A little goes a long way in taste.


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