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I liked your shop
This experience has been so poor that it has severely impacted my opinion of your company! I really liked it before this experience
Conor S.09/11/2018
Answer: Hi Conor, can you please tell us what happened? We pride ourselves on taking care of issues and doing right by our customers.
Did not receive
Did not receive
Erika O.01/11/2018
Not delivered
I’m very disappointed. It is everytime’s story. My order is never delivered. This time also i’ll have to go to the postal office to pick ut up. I’ve been an active customer of yours but its has happened again. I’ll never order anything from your company from now onwards.
Lavneet d.01/11/2018
Answer: Hello, I'm very sorry, unfortunately we do not safe-drop our packages because of theft and because they are natural products which shouldn't be left outside.
Slow delivery
Slow delivery
Danny T.29/10/2018
Terrible customer service and shipment information.
Ahmad J.27/10/2018
Not good
Thungashree S.25/10/2018
Fast service and null customer attention
Fast service and null customer attention.
Victor P.23/10/2018
No protein no communication
It has been 10 days since my order and Canada Post has proudly announced they have returned my order to the sender and received a signature. I have phoned CanadianProtein twice; the first time 5 days ago and again yesterday and have yet to receive a return phone call. My order was shipped without a last name on the address but otherwise the address was complete, Canada Post refused to deliver it. Every company makes mistakes but it is how they deal with there mistakes that sets them apart; I am totally underwhelmed by both Canada Post and CanadianProtein in this regard.
Jim G.11/10/2018
Answer: Hi Jim, I'm very sorry about this and I will follow up with our customers service department. Unfortunately, Canada Post needs full name and address on their labels to deliver and your information in automatically populated from when you enter it on checkout to our ordering system and since we have so many orders shipping daily are not able to confirm if names and other fields are filled our correctly.

I will also follow up and see if there was a response to your emails and calls.
No comment
izod r.30/09/2018
Terrible First Experience
Stated in my caffeine tablet review.
Sam X.28/09/2018
1-6 day delivery fake
completely ran out of protein and creatine a week into waiting for this product to arrive, and it still hasn't come. for someone on a tight budget this is unacceptable, as I have my money tied up in your product and cannot just go get more from an actual reliable source.
Brendan H.24/09/2018
Answer: Hi Brenda, I'm so sorry for the delay in receiving your product. Unfortunately, once the package leaves our facility we are at the mercy of the couriers which operate within a 95%+ delivery success rate. We actually work constantly with our couriers to get that percentage higher and prevent situations like this.
Would not recommend
Poor customer service. If you’re going to sell people product that expires in two months you should tell them before they buy or refund the money/ replace the product, weather the product is used/opened or not.
Michael R.18/09/2018
Had a severe allergic reaction and nothing was done for me. I lost $60 from Canadian Protein
kim w.07/09/2018
Answer: Hi Kim, are you allergic to something? Did you read the allergen warnings before making your purchase? Unfortunately, when a package has been opened we are not able to return it.
CP Sent wrong protein - Ignored my follow-up msgs
I ordered 20kg (almost $400 worth) of unsweetened NZ Whey Protein Concentrate. When I tasted the product, it was obviously sweetened. I contacted Canadian Protein via Text Message, and they followed up once and then ignored all my messages. I also left Voicemails, and contacted them through their online support channel - no response. I followed up several times and never heard back. Extremely poor customer service, and now I stuck with a years supply of the wrong protein.

Would not recommend this company at all, really disappointed that they never tried to make things right. 1/10

Screenshot of messages:
Michael F.05/09/2018
Answer: Hi Michael, I'm sorry you had a bad experience. We actually tested the product and lot that was sent to and confirmed it to be unsweetened. When protein sometimes has hint of sweetness in it which is whey is actual raw name is "sweet dairy whey" since there is naturally occurring sugars in the product.

I will follow up with our customer service and make sure you are sent the correct information and response. I apologize for the way this was left.
You people have blocked my reviews. Funny
Rahul V.08/03/2018
Answer: Hi Rahul, we actually do not have the ability to do this. What I'm going to guess is that the third party software blocked the reviews (if anything was blocked) beacuse of profanity or if there were reviews that were copied and pasted multiple times as it would be flagged as spam.
Horrible service
You have to pay if they send on wrong address
Lovepreet S.19/01/2018
Answer: Hello, thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, at checkout if you type the incorrect address and it goes to the wrong address we do require shipping fees to ship back to the correct address as per our terms and conditions. Please ensure your address is correct at checkout and when you click "confirm" it is correct. We do not alter or change addresses at checkout nor are we able to do so.
Crap service
No response when emailed
scott o.03/01/2018
Bad Customer Service
This is a customer service complaint and has nothing to do with the quality of the product, hopefully this complaint will get me better service. I bought 5kg of New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate 8 days ago. Canada Post returned my order to Canadian Protein because I didn't provide my apartment number (i.e. incomplete address). I emailed Canadian Protein asking them to ship it out again, after having added my apartment number to my account. I was told I would be charged for the reshipment ($20.12) and would receive a payment request, once paid, the protein would be shipped out immediately. I have yet to receive this payment request (I was told about this payment request two days ago). I emailed again concerning the payment request and haven't received a response yet. I have tried calling and no answer. Please take me more seriously and treat me with more respect. It's as if since you already have my payment that I don't matter anymore. As of right now, I have no protein for which I have shelled out $113 (no money has been returned to me). This was supposed to take a maximum of 2 days. I'm sure the protein is quality but I wouldn't know because I haven't received any lol.
Charles Jr. Kofi B.16/11/2017
Answer: Hi Charles, I'm so sorry about this. I am looking into this asap for you and will get to the bottom of this!

Further to the investigation, I see a payment request was sent and we are showing that you were contacted a few times via text and spoke with Kristy this morning?
Product never arrived
Credit card charged but product never arrived. Canada Post notified me that there was a package to deliver but when I went to pick up the package, they could not find it.
Jennica G.20/10/2017
Bad customer service
I didn't order the chocolate favour but they said that I did so would have paid 20$ for a return to receive the unflavoured/unsweetened I wanted. Not impressed by their customer service.
kelly b.26/07/2017
Answer: Hi Kelly, I'm sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately, when a product is ordered and it is not what you want we must change shipping because we have already paid for it as per our website policy. We are showing that this is the flavour you ordered from our admin.
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