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Pretty good!
Good value. Bit slow on the shipping and would appreciate the option to not require a signature.

Also, you guys really need to get labdoor tested.
reaves C.22/08/2019
Good but discount was never applied
While selecting the product the price showed a 20% discount however when you came to checkout the discount disappeared. Could never get the discount applied at checkout therefore resorted to pay full price but very disappointing. If you don’t offer the discount don’t have it shown to the customer for nothing. If this is a glitch I would appreciate a credit towards my next purchase.
Christine L.22/08/2019
Great until...
I've never had any problems with the site until I tried to leave reviews. If you don't fill in all the fields a popup appears asking you to fill them all in but you cant type anymore because the screen freezes. Only solution is to refresh the page and start over
Hadi Y.14/07/2019
Canada protien. Com
Site is easy to browse
sandeep k.09/07/2019
Fair place
Seems like a fair shop, prices are nice for quality third party tested products.
But you have stamped Stevia on Sucralose product, and it didn't taste well.
antoine D.20/06/2019
Service must be improved
I love all the wheys I bought from Canadian Protein, although I hate to pay more than CAD$ 10 in shipment and I hate to wait almost one week to get my protein.
You might be losing loyal customers because of this service.
Barbara R.03/06/2019
Good explanations of the supplements but hard to differentiate between them. It also sucks that I can’t leave a review without “reviewing the shop” and everything else I bought
Joshua M.22/05/2019
Easy website
Prices are great, product ok.
Leigh w.20/05/2019
Pretty clear layout. Bought item I was looking for.
Doeon Y.20/05/2019
Just because of the whey
Good service, but the lack of discounts and the shipping fee annoy me.
Barbara R.17/05/2019
pas le choix de livraison sans signature
Livraison rapide mais devrait nous donner le choix d'avoir une livraison sans signature et accepter la responsabilité du vol et laisser le colis pres de la porte. Car si on est absent, faut faire des kilometres pour aller chercher colis au bureau de poste. Dans ce cas aussi bien se déplacer dans un commerce de supplément. Sinon, livraison rapide. Aussi je recommande la version francaise du site.
Serge B.16/05/2019
Good protein bad packaging.
Not happy with the packing beside that protein is good.
Parth v.14/05/2019
Fast shipping
Overall good service
Luca U.03/05/2019
Needs to be improved
The shipping was fast, but there are quite a few things that need to be improved:
- It is very difficult to find information about the flavors and quality of the product, so they should invest in some people to test it and provide good online reviews in some blogs and social media. The videos available on YouTube are terrible, they do not help at all! That is what makes me feel more afraid of buying their products: the lack of information.
- The fixed shipping fee does not make sense for me. My product came from a very close localization and I still had to pay the fee.
- They should have more promotions, it helps to stimulate people to buy more and to buy different products.
Barbara R.25/04/2019
Good range of products if you are looking for variety. Prices are fair as well especially when they have sales. it is however, hard to get to someone on the phone which prevents me from giving a solid 8/9. Nevertheless, the individual that I spoke with once I did manage to get through, was delightfully helpful. I would certainly use them again.
Lorenzo T.24/04/2019
Not enough details on your shop
alexis L.14/04/2019
Love your company!
Love your company but that protein powder really threw me off
Christopher A.06/04/2019
Terms + Services
After trying my casein and not enjoying it at all, I thought about writing to CP to see what they might be able to do for me but they have this posted on their website..
“We cannot accept returns based on taste, mix-ability, consistency, or appearance because most products (protein, extracts, amino acids, etc.) are of natural sources or synthetically derived and these characteristics may change from time to time which are out of our control. For this reason we offer low cost samples for all of our protein products and our flavoured items.”
.. So I didn’t even attempt to reach out. Three stars given for promptness of delivery and for the ease of the actual buying process.
Janalee F.19/03/2019
Luke Williams
Still waiting on my other sample pack ordered 2 weeks prior though. Guess I’ll never know what the cookies and cream tastes like since I bought a year’s worth of vanilla.
Luke W.18/03/2019
Decently reliable
Product is shipped next day, making it to the west coast same week if you order on the weekend. The stuff is good quality, though a number of products are consistently out of stock. Decently reliable but won't tend to exceed expectations - I once made a reasonable request which hit a brick wall, with no explanation.
Nicholas B.15/03/2019
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