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Paid for expedited shipping through UPS and still took as long as Canada post standard
Candace S.28/06/2019
No response
I tried to contact them to get more info about the products that I bought and their packaging and never got an answer.
Youssef N.11/06/2019
Answer: Hi Youssef, I'm very sorry about this. I am looking into this case for you.
Same as above
Same as above
Judit B.10/01/2019
Disappointed customer
This order has caused me a lot of unnecessary stress. First the delivery was late. I am days away from flying it caused me a lot of stress.

Then my 10 kg package was supposed to come in packets and it came in a sack.
How am I supposed to fly with a 10 kg sack of powder ? With no description of the company what so ever. I called the company before ordering to talk to them about my order but no such thing of it coming in a sack was told to me.
Like I mentioned before I'm flying with the item I ordered and what kind of security would not check an unlabeled sack of powder. Obviously they are going to open it and where am I going to put it then...there is no proper packaging provided , it is a just a sack of powder!!
Simran K.14/12/2018
No protein yet
Delivery is taking forever
Haydn C.13/12/2018
Update your Site
This site is utter crap. I've mentioned this before. It's old, needs updating, Stripe needs adding as a payment portal, and the UX needs completely revamping. Spend some money to clean it up in 2019 and you'll get more returns.
John M.05/12/2018
Need to change your delivery partner
This was the second time that I returned to your store because of the convenience of getting quality product at my doorstep, However, your delivery partner did not deliver the products at my doorstep and instead ensured that I walk in snow for more than 3 KM and freeze my hand holding the box while returning. I was at my house waiting for the package to arrive, saw Canada Post lady outside the window expecting her to knock the door to collect my package, but she never knocked instead left a notice in the mail box that I saw not at home to collect the package and now have collect it from their location....... Really bad experience.... Maybe would never return and buy from my local store.
Abhijeet S.14/11/2018
Shipping issues
Although I do enjoy your vegan products, I am very UNSATISFIED with your shipping process. You have no options to have products shipped faster whether through Canada Post or other shippers. I order a lot of natural products, supplements, etc. from online suppliers across Canada and you are the slowest and most expensive to get orders from. With the current rotating strikes being held with Canada Post I would have expected an alternative shipper to have been used. Currently I've been waiting a week and a half for my order to arrive and if I'm lucky, I may receive it tomorrow based on the delivery notification. Really considering finding a new supplier for what I'm looking for, very unsatisfied with your shipping services.
Christine-Anne G.31/10/2018
Answer: Hello, I'm very sorry for the delay. We are in fact introducing different shipping options very soon to the website.
Not here yet
I’m certain it would be a 10but until they arrive hopefully they’re here soon
Wesley g.30/09/2018
Slow shipping
Products always arrive AFTER you send this survey!
Mike W.23/09/2018
what does title mean?
about a month ago i phoned kristy for more isolate because i was running low (i always do mail order over the phone because i find your website quite annoying) but no one answered, so i left a message, and no one called back, and this went on for about a week--you don't have an 800 number, and i'm on a 19th century phone plan, so all these calls cost me, then one day she was there and i placed my order. i asked for a safe drop because i ride a small motorcycle, and getting that big box home is a pain. she assured me that it would be on my doorstep. well, it wasn't. there, just a message that they'd been by and i wasn't home. there was a "no safe drop" note on the order . form. this is the third time i've had to deal with this. if i could switch to another company that would supply me with this stuff, i would.
rating: lousy.
Chris O.12/08/2018
Overall - Meh
Overall delivery was quick, pricing is good. Protein mixes well, but I will not be buying anymore. All the flavours are just too sweet and are not great!!
Cameron L.05/08/2018
Sent wrong package
Hi, I had ordered economy whey protein and when it arrived it was mass gainer protein. I had not realized this until I opened one of the bags. Is there any way I could return it and get the correct items shipped?
Tanner W.31/07/2018
Harp P.23/07/2018
Unfortunately I thought the CanadianPtrotein products were free from artificial sweeteners and tried one, but this stuff is full of sucralose which is immediately evident. I should have read more carefully to realize that this is just another box store bulk filler garbage bag of poison. Can't use it. Garbage to me.
Brian E.21/06/2018
waiting for the other part my order
I also order Nacin , finally Vitamin C came ; but still waiting for my Nacin
Send a email and not response
vince a.15/06/2018
When ordering the sample packages you cannot see the full description of the product. Cannot try product dew to finding out it contains Sucralose.
Shawn H.02/06/2018
two out of three products correct is still bad...
They did reimburse me for sending the wrong protein powder w, they could have sent me a new one free of change and payed for my shipping too, but the customer service was decent. I still would have preferred t get what i ordered! Being allergic to eggs means if i ever get egg protein and taste it i will be in a world of hurt. Also being lactose intolerant i will probably have to dispose of the protein powder they sent me in error. Hoping the next order is correct.
Peter G.04/05/2018
Soap is the new Chocolate Milkshake
Didn't seem concerned with my only time contacting them for customer assistance.
Andy C.26/04/2018
Poor website
Your website is horrible for someone setting up a billing and shipping address. It needs to be rebuilt.
David Raymond P.22/04/2018
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