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positive 94.8% (4962 reviews)
Average rating: 9.6/10 neutral 4.2% (219 reviews)
Number of reviews: 5234 negative 1% (53 reviews)

While the products were not good, the purchase and shipping were fast and expeditious.
sergio o.24/09/2019
Good service, good price
Abhaye C.20/09/2019
Received 22lb of protein in 1 day! Solid shipping, good prices and it's nice supporting a Canadian brand.
Xander D.20/09/2019
I like to shop here
I like to shop here, so far I love the products and got my stuff within a week.
but as a web developer, I find this web site to be a bit glitchy, but dont give up guys, I know how hard it can be to stabilize things on multiple platforms :+1
Eric P.14/09/2019
Great quality products at great prices!
Love this shop and have referred several people to it. The only thing I wish I could change was the ability to order clearance items! Whenever I go on to check, they're always sold out!! It would be nice to have an email alert or something when new products are listed there. My only other comment would be a lower shipping fee. Sometimes I just want to order vitamins but even when I order a few different ones, I still have to pay shipping - if this situation comes up I usually opt to get my vitamins elsewhere so I don't have to pay $9.99 for shipping. Last comment...please send the product review email a few weeks after your customers have received their package. I haven't even had a chance to use some of the products so I can't really rate them...and the rating page won't let me submit unless I leave a comment! Thanks :)
Evyanne W.12/09/2019
The postman did not even ring nor knocked at my door, did bring the parcel directly to Post Office. I do not wish to pay for a service that I do not get. Can Canadian Protein make a note of that and assure us of a good delivery system, please?! Thank you.
Marie G.08/09/2019
Some items out of stock, UI is not the best on mobile but products are fantastic and the price is great. Shipping is also always very fast.
Felix R.04/09/2019
Good experience
Overall good experience with their products. Except the pea protein. Which, tasted like crap!, chalky taste!!! I’ll never buy that product again.
Zain N.20/08/2019
Michael S.20/08/2019
Good service and value
Great value on the products purchased and happy with the ease of the order system. Using Canada Post is a bit slower than alternatives, but still received within 5 working days which is not bad.
Trevor p.19/08/2019
Great Protein Company
Love me some hemp protein.
Just 1 piece of Free Swag would send me to a 10/10.
James V.12/08/2019
Fast delivery, with only 1 or 2 small details ...
This isn't really CP's fault but they should know about it. I am in a sublet and, without thinking, put the billing and shipping address to the same one. My mistake. But when I called, the agent wasn't able to help. She thought the bank was putting a hold on the account. The bank said usually a block comes up when the billing address doesn't match what they have on file. That was it. Otherwise, very happy with CP's service. Oh, and please put the vegan BCAAs in the vegan shop. Had to do a Duckduckgo search to find it ...
Andrew M.11/08/2019
Good product, great value
Best price for protein powder in Canada by far! Good tasting product too, cookies and cream is my favourite
Marley Y.09/08/2019
Great flavours
Great flavours and I always get my product within two days of ordering
Brianne B.08/08/2019
Good service, website easy to navigate. Prompt shipping.
Don F.23/07/2019
No issues with orders
Aaron T.17/07/2019
Good but the taste goes down
Good quality product but the "new and improved" flavors are usually worse
Olivier D.16/07/2019
Great content and search function
Everything is great, lost some marks as the app needs refinement.
Jason M.13/07/2019
Bon service
Échantillons livrés gratuitement et rapidement. J'aurais aimé 1$ de l'échantillon au lieu de 2$
Serge B.12/07/2019
Good product, seals sometimes fall apart
I've ordered from Canadian Protein three times now. They have fast delivery and better quality than anything I can buy in local stores for the same price. The large (2kg) bags could have better Ziploc seals, and have fallen apart about a third of the time.
Thomas C.03/07/2019
Canadian Protein - Average rating: 9.6/10 - Number of reviews: 5234