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Good efficient delivery
Shelagh b.
14/08/2017 Toronto
Holes in bag
There were 3 holes in the 5 kg bag when I unpacked it. It made quite a mess and I had to patch up the bag. It looks like creases in the bag caused the holes.
Mark F.
14/08/2017 Ottawa
Products are great, packagaing not so much
Wonderful products, quick and easy to order my only issue was that my protein both bags were damaged and has little holes
In it.(actually have pictures)
Other then that 5 stars for sue!
Lindsay S.
See above
Mark O.
13/08/2017 Na
Mark R
Quick delivery of products.
Mark D.
13/08/2017 NS
Easy fast informative
Found everything I wanted easily including information on all products
Chad W.
13/08/2017 Guelph
Great business
Great customer services
Francois P.
13/08/2017 Ottawa
Great company
Very happy with my order
John v.
13/08/2017 Windsor
Is there a way to have my orders sent to me without having to sign for reception. When I am not at home, I am left with a notice and have to go to the post office to get my stuff but we have a Post Canada box with locked cases inside the building just for that IF a signature is not needed.
Beside that, I am very satisfied.
Michel L.
Interwebs establishment
It's the bomdiggity
Tim M.
13/08/2017 Hidden Leaf Village
My New Go-To for All Things Protein
Honestly, I am so happy to have found this site via a roommate of mine. Never will I bother with the store brand crap. Pound for pound, this protein is worth it. I personally like to buy more of the premium stuff, but even their economy level protein is great. I would definitely recommend this to another friend.
P.S: Please work on your packaging for the bulk level orders. You guys are doing so well that it would be a shame to have that as the thing that frustrates your customers.
Nav S.
12/08/2017 Quebec City
My favourite source for protein and BCAAs
I have been buying from Canadian Protein for years now. I have trouble getting in as much protein as I should and having the odd shake on hand definitely helps. Big fan of the New Zealand Whey and BCAAs. Fantastic quality for the price.
Abbie A.
12/08/2017 Winnipeg MB
Very fast delivery
Oliver S.
11/08/2017 Waterloo, Ontario
Always a good experience!
Fast shipping, easy communication, and I LOVE the cost savings.
Grace O.
11/08/2017 Halifax, NS
Fast shipping, excellent products, and nice prices. Get in here Canadians!!
Matthew G.
11/08/2017 Toronto
Fast and good
As always, Good quality
Alexandre C.
11/08/2017 Ontario
Same as above
Same as above
Travis K.
10/08/2017 Same as above
Good product & arrived on time
Product arrived on time and probably would have been able to get it earlier if not for the long weekend. Shop is easy to use, packaging of the whey was good. Pretty happy so far.
Anthony F.
09/08/2017 BC
Quick and well done.
Fast service and the product is very well packed. I was afraid because of the size (7 Kg), but everything is perfect.
Luc B.
09/08/2017 Sherbrooke
Good selection to choose from
Will purchase more products in future
Chris F.
09/08/2017 Vancouver BC
Canadian Protein - Average rating: 9.6/10 - Number of reviews: 5234