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Quick delevery
Thank you
Shahrokh V.
20/11/2017 Vancouver, BC
gary laforest
Hello I am not received my order it was sent to the wrong address.
The order was to go back.
Gary l.
20/11/2017 Laval
Canadian protein website
Cheap and easy delivered fast
Rajbir G.
20/11/2017 Easy
Loving Canadian Protein!
Finally found a Canadian manufacturer of quality protein and other supplements. Fast shipping and reasonable pricing. Very excited for the new premium clothing line
Kyle A.
20/11/2017 Toronto
Like the shop as well.
Jenny W.
20/11/2017 Terrasse Vaudreuil, Quebec
Good site
Great products, fast shipping, low price
Zacharie A.
Canadian protein!
Très satisfait des produits et livraison rapide!!
Francis V.
Delivery. Hate that
Despite numerous requests. Their system of signature on delivery always !!! AUTOMATICALLY bumps my orders to locol post office for pick up. Delivery to my home is NEVER ATEEMPTED. RESULTING IN A DELAY !!!! In getting product. Can I get another delivery option please? Or take off the signature required.

Product is 5 star so far tho with the exception of brown rice protein UGHHH
Marie-Claire C.
18/11/2017 Toronto
Answer: Hi Marie-Claire, unfortunately because of issues in the past we are not able to allow safe drops and must require a signature. If you are not even getting a courier coming to your door than that this an issue from Canada Post and we will definitely look into this.
Awesome store. I'd like for you to also carry glycerol monosterate (hydromax)
Alberto B.
18/11/2017 Vaughan
Only place for protein
Best protein and prices. Delivery times are amazing. I always recommend Canadian Protein!
Stuart M.
18/11/2017 Toronto
First time customer
First impression is good. Just started using the products. Got a great price on sale for the protein and the creatine.
Svetlin P.
There was a hole in the bag of the Vanilla powder - this may have been from being squished or when you guys put the bags in the box for delivery. Do you have a harder container ? I am not sure how the holes were there so it does make me question the freshness, if you will, of the product but all has been fine so far. Have you had this problem before? There is a small hole in the unsweetened bag - looks like it is from the fold in the bag.
Ellen N.
17/11/2017 Calgary, AB
Canadian Protein is a great company!
Speedy delivery and great products...gotta love that...5 Star service.
Patricia C.
16/11/2017 Nova Scotia
Good Shop
Good shipping service and I like how you reply to the comments so its good for us when we're looking the ratings and comments.
Jean-Philippe A.
16/11/2017 QUEBEC
Courteous and fast
In that order. Great company.
Geoffrey D.
Website works just looks old
NOt much to say, website is free of clutter and easy to navigate
Mike B.
16/11/2017 BC Canada
Bad Customer Service
This is a customer service complaint and has nothing to do with the quality of the product, hopefully this complaint will get me better service. I bought 5kg of New Zealand Whey Protein Concentrate 8 days ago. Canada Post returned my order to Canadian Protein because I didn't provide my apartment number (i.e. incomplete address). I emailed Canadian Protein asking them to ship it out again, after having added my apartment number to my account. I was told I would be charged for the reshipment ($20.12) and would receive a payment request, once paid, the protein would be shipped out immediately. I have yet to receive this payment request (I was told about this payment request two days ago). I emailed again concerning the payment request and haven't received a response yet. I have tried calling and no answer. Please take me more seriously and treat me with more respect. It's as if since you already have my payment that I don't matter anymore. As of right now, I have no protein for which I have shelled out $113 (no money has been returned to me). This was supposed to take a maximum of 2 days. I'm sure the protein is quality but I wouldn't know because I haven't received any lol.
Charles Jr. Kofi B.
16/11/2017 Toronto
Answer: Hi Charles, I'm so sorry about this. I am looking into this asap for you and will get to the bottom of this!

Further to the investigation, I see a payment request was sent and we are showing that you were contacted a few times via text and spoke with Kristy this morning?
Patrick dupuis
patrick d.
16/11/2017 Montreal
Business wise
Business wise, you guys are doing great. If you could find a way to prove unequivocally I have New Zealand based protein powder, I'd pay $5 more a bag.
Dean O.
16/11/2017 Arctic Circle
Answer: Hi Dean, thank you. We are actually certifying our product with Fonterra.
Quick shipping
Awesome packaging re sealable bags excited to have found this Canadian based supp company, it’s nice not paying for fancy packaging and actually getting quality supplements. Thanks
Troy L.
15/11/2017 Moncton, New Brunswick
Canadian Protein - Average rating: 9.6/10 - Number of reviews: 5234