Sample Pack - Egg White Protein Powder
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Sample Pack - Egg White Protein Powder

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SHIPPING NOTE: Samples are shipped through "Regular Mail" (2 per envelope). If you purchase more than 2 samples, you will receive multiple packages that may arrive at different times. You can also choose to pay for Shipping with a Tracking number (all samples in one package) for a fee of $9.99 for orders under $99 and free for orders over $99.

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Protein Type Egg White Protein

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This is a sample of our Egg White Protein Powder. Click the link to read the full product description.

Sample Pack - Egg White Protein Powder Reviews

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Verified Buyer

Egg white protein
Jamey M. on 01/11/2017
I mixed this in with my oatmeal and it kind of turned into scrambled egg whites in there - which I kind of liked lol

Verified Buyer

Egg foam
jamie m. on 13/07/2017
It tasted fine but it foamed up like crazy when i mixed it

Verified Buyer

Miroslav Mladenovic
Miroslav M. on 09/07/2017
Egg white. Like unflavored is totally untasty. But this is not problem like it is constant dizziness with intake. Both samples are not proper for me and not recommended.
Answer: Hi Miroslav, I'm not sure what you mean by this review since the product is unflavoured and we haven't had a report of dizziness?

Verified Buyer

Would prefer this if eggs where free-range
S C. on 09/06/2017
I like this. It is salty and very hard to mix. But a spoon of honey and patience and it is fairly well mixed with a few minutes.

I won't be going with this, however, hence the 4 stars: it is not from free-range, hormone and antibiotic free left-to-roam-and-not-abused chicken. I don't want to add to the suffering of chickens.

I'm choosing the whey protein 'New Zealand Grass'. I sampled the unsweetened as well as the sucralosed version and the former was far more agreeable. (Though if I'm really not such a darn wishywashy, I really should go with the vegan, bean protein instead --but I sampled that as well and it was not only disagreeable to my stomach but also sickly sweet. Besides, though I make sure cooked beans are my staple over the flesh of cow, chicken and fish, I'm not vegan or want to be)

Verified Buyer

Anthony O. on 08/01/2017
Tastes good but does not mix well. You will likely need a blender to make shakes with this

Verified Buyer

Ryan M. on 05/12/2016
Great protein...cant complain

Verified Buyer

N Woods
Noreen W. on 02/11/2016
The Egg White powder makes a delicious fruit smoothie with some added sweetener of choice (I have a sweet tooth) in a blender. I like that the product is unflavored and unsweetened - giving individuals like me the option of choosing a sweetener of choice. I plan to place an order very soon.

Verified Buyer

Very pleased with this sample
Sherry L. on 24/08/2016
I felt that this sample tasted very similar to the egg white Protein powder that I normally purchase from a USA competitor. The shipping fee is a flat rate (no unpleasant COD charges at the post office) and product arrived within a week of ordering. Highly recommend!


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questions Terri on 08/02/2017
Question: What does sample consist of one time or more use?
Answer: Hi Terri, each sample of our Egg Protein Powder is for one time use of 30 grams. 

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